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We develop smart investment tools and strategies using state-of-the-art machine learning

Financial Forecasting

We provide expertise related to financial forecasting use cases, which can range from developing models to forecast macroeconomic indicators, company performance or sector related performance metrics of assets. From LSTMs to ARIMA and GARCH to ensemble methods, we have the right approach for your financial forecasting use case.


Machine Learning 

Our team has deep-rooted expertise in machine learning in a variety of applications, covering both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Our algorithms are used to extract tradable signals, forecast asset performance, assess market risk and construct the best possible investment portfolios that combine outstanding return performance with a risk conscious composition. 


Trade Strategy Creation

Financial opportunities are present in all markets, the challenge to discover trends, patterns and being able to capitalize early on before the market prices in the change differentiates a successful money manager from a bad one. We develop automated trading strategies, that scan the market daily in real time and alert to emerging trends through our proprietary investment recommendation engine. We develop both long and short strategies with differing investment horizons and risk profiles.

Let's Work Together

Curious to hear more about our offerings? We are happy to schedule a connect with an expert on our quantitative research division

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