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Equity Insights

We deliver market transparency on an investment universe covering 4600+ stocks, ETFs, currencies, and most popular cryptos to allow our clients to quickly identify the most promising assets.

Generating alpha (α), referred to in the financial world as the ability of beating market returns, is the goal of Deep Alpha Research. As such, our task is to discover alpha signals and provide these through our platform. This is achieved by decomposing the market into its basic factors and identifying correlations and patterns to capitalize on. In doing so, we provide unprecedented transparency and sophistication to investors and fund managers.

We use varied financial and alternative datasets and train our algorithm to extract signals and patterns in real time.

Our platform calculates key performance indicators of stocks to identify and highlight outperforming assets in the market and showcase which trends are visible long term and short term. From forecasting algorithms to identify trends in stock prices to rule based algorithms to assess the value of a stock - our proprietary set of AI scores allow our customers to get information on the market in real time.

Using our set of proprietary AI scores, investors can evaluate each stock on past performance, volatility, market sentiment and trend forecast. Clients can also use our AI generated score to assess the rating given by our AI algorithms. In addition, it is possible to sort and filter for each score, easily finding the best performers for each of the available scores.

Curious to hear more about our offerings? We are happy to schedule a connect with an expert on our quantitative research division

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