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Investible Certificates

We use our insights to construct portfolios to capture investment themes and trends of our time. We create both pure alpha and a mix of alpha and beta portfolios and adjust each to have a good balance of risk/reward.

We take our insights on economic trends, well performing sectors and top performing equities to create portfolios with a positive track record of beating the market.

Each portfolio is tailored to capture a trend we currently identify in the market, ranging from global megatrends, to local trends to capture what moves markets and money flow.

We use our proprietary equity insights platform to construct our portfolios and assure a well-balanced mix of risk exposure to expected return for a given investment horizon.

Each of our portfolios are re-balanced monthly and adjusted to reflect the most promising assets as identified by our technology.

We offer some of our portfolios as investible certificates on and support clients in creating, validating and improving their investment strategies.

Curious to hear more about our offerings? We are happy to schedule a connect with an expert on our quantitative research division

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