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Stock Exchange Market

Our solutions enable tomorrow's investment decisions

AI3 Equity Insights Platform

The output of our research is our AI3 investment insights platform, which enables us to track market developments in real time, identify trend shifts, compare equities against a set of alpha scores. We use the output generated by our models to create custom portfolios to capture investment themes e.g. “Trend Following, Low Risk, Hyper Growth, Defensive, Steady Return”. Our portfolios aim to maximize the return within a given portfolio, while controlling for risk and drawdown.


Portfolio Creation

At Deep Alpha Research, we use the insights we generate and turn them into investible strategies. Our themed portfolios offer retail and institutional investors the chance to beat the market at unprecedented low costs. While customers cannot yet invest directly with us, we publish our portfolios on sites such as We are also in the process of working with institutional clients and wealth managers to turn our best performing strategies into financial products.


Open Innovation Ecosystem

We are strong believers in the power of crowdsourcing innovation, even when it comes to trade signal discovery. We regularly hold innovation challenges where we publish normalized datasets to our community of researchers. Such challenges revolve around topics such as economic trend prediction, asset pricing or signal extraction from alternative data sources. 

Let's Work Together

Curious to hear more about our offerings? We are happy to schedule a connect with an expert on our quantitative research division

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